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70 Square Meter Small and Simple House Design With Floor Plan

This beautiful 3-bedroom house with 2 other variants and style so you can choose what is the right and perfect house for you. Your dream house might be this beautiful modern house.

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  1. How much cost to 2 bedrooms. In Indian currency

  2. Simple but beautiful

  3. Ryan Edison Parpan

    Hi 200 sq.meter bungalow style. 3bedrm. 2bath. #Houseplandesign. Ty

  4. How much will this costs?

  5. My Dick is Tiny BUT

    How much in Philippine money

  6. Te encontré en un video de sr pelo

    I found u in a sr pelo video

  7. Show reddy Boyapati

    Please give me no

  8. Shiv Prakash Sharma

    Please give your contact information.Thanks.

  9. ఎంత ఖర్చు అవుతుంది. How much cost. For this house?

  10. How much the cost?

  11. I want to make a home like this. Please help me .

  12. 70 sq meters = 753 sq feet.

  13. Hmmm…..

  14. I love it much

  15. WOW! The wife and I think it's perfect. It would meet our needs and wants for housing. Beautiful retirement cottage.


  17. Sub it out yourself for $15k
    These people are rip off artist…

  18. I love it, some people might say is small but that depends who lives in it. if more room is needed, a well done shed next to it should do it.

  19. Simply simple…

  20. Que valor de construccion tendria una asi ?? Y en que tiempi se desarrollaria ??

  21. Very nice, can't exactly figure out how they put 3 bedrooms in a small place like that though? I consider my place to be relatively small, I've got 1,140 square feet with 2 bedrooms & 2 baths… Nice home tho! 😊

  22. please don't let that 70sq meters throw you it is in Standard equivalent it is 753.48 square feet normal size for A small two bedroom house

  23. Just get a refridgerator box from behind Home Depot….and a tarp.

  24. 350-500k

  25. It needs a bath tub. That is all.

  26. Cool but please stop the music

  27. Small/Mfgd houses are ok with me, as long as you cant break into them with a can opener

  28. nice and simple.. i love it..

  29. The home that I currently own was the smallest floorplan they offered at 1700 sq ft. Way too much for me. Although I love my home, smaller, less expensive options would curb our housing crisis.

  30. Hannu Hyvärinen

    where to get and how much?

  31. Carmen Maritza Morales Saavedra

    esta casa si me gusta…

  32. Cool !

  33. I love the inside and the outside of this house.

  34. where au found guyz

  35. no price at. house…..heloo…..???

  36. as long as i had a 4 car garage to work out of i could live in a tiny house

  37. That bathroom is a mess!

  38. I love this kind of small house very cute and nice

  39. Like the house but the ugly stiff, uncomfortable furniture would have to go.