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60 Sqm Small Apartment Design With Interesting Floor Plan

A small dental practice at the top of a Milanese building had transformed into compact small apartment design. This small apartment space has 60 Sqm and interesting floor plan. First, this little apartment has long hallway from entrance door to interior space. Second, because placed at the top of building, the apartment has sloping roof structure that make it has attic space.
To maximize the space, the attic space constructed as study/workspace area, and bedroom area with small walk-in closed. The ventilation, air and light is also easy to achieved because of gable roof construction. Natural lighting was further developed by opening two new roof windows and using translucent materials and mirrors.

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  1. what price is it and where it

  2. This music makes me want to kill someone…

  3. Raymond Darmawan

    its 60m2 with 40 m2 above right? so its 100m2?

  4. I just love how the interior design has turned out. It made the interiors look big despite it's size(",) Congratulations who came up with this video (Y)