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6 rooms into 1: morphing apartment packs 1100 sq ft into 420

In 2010, we met Graham Hill- the founder of treehugger.com and a serial entrepreneur. He had just bought two tiny apartments in a century-old tenement building in Soho and he had plans to turn them into laboratories, and showcases, for tiny living. He’d spent most of the past year living in tiny spaces- “a tiny trailer, a tent, and then a boat” and he was convinced others would love it as much if small spaces could be designed right.

He wanted a tiny space that didn’t sacrifice function, but instead that would expand to provide a wish list including dinner parties for 12, accommodations for 2 overnight guests, a home office and a home theater with digital projector. Not wanting to limit himself to local architects, he crowdsourced the design as a competition and received 300 entries from all over the world. Two Romanian architecture students won with their design “One Size Fits All”.

Completed in 2012, his LifeEdited apartment doesn’t resemble the cramped space we saw in 2010. Today the 420-square-foot space can be expanded to include the functionality of 1,100 square feet: walls, drawers and beds move and unfold to create 6 rooms: living room, dining room, office, guest office, master bedroom and guest bedroom. If you include the kitchen and the bathroom which morphs into a phone booth or meditation room, the apartment includes 10 total rooms.

More info on original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/6-rooms-into-1-morphing-apartment-packs-1100-sq-ft-into-420/

LifeEdited: http://www.lifeedited.com/

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  1. I once stayed at a friend’s beach apartment while she was out of town.
    It had a pull down bed. Sleeping late was a little weird because the bed took up most of the room.
    If someone comes over for a visit & you’re still in bed, there’s nowhere for them to sit.

  2. Neat!:)

  3. Wow…

  4. How much rent would one of these spaces cost?

  5. Brian Couture vibes

    if they made a whole building of these units ,likeminded people will fill it up .One small building can have like 100 apts lol .Ill be a landlord

  6. Whats that bean dish at 15:45? It looks like it could be chili, but Im not sure. Looks tasty.

  7. lol hey u wanna come over and stand in my 2 x6 room with no chairs.. hey bring a laptop i have a piece of wood you can stand at and surf the web. this guys restarted you could make this space 100% nice by just keeping it open concept

  8. You live in a shoebox! Why in the world would you have a 'guest'? You don't have enough space for you! For spending $30-50K on this you could afford a bigger place.

  9. that bathroom RIGHT there next to the dining table reminds me of the poopourri commercial. " you're finally meeting his family of 8 and you have to bake a keester casserole…"

  10. Sporks are for prisons. 'Nuff said.

  11. Excellent concept; where did you get your design ideas and inspiration from?

  12. Hipster central.

  13. Me encanta! Love it, I want the table!!!!

  14. OK this is lit I want one

  15. can you tell me what is the brand of that clothing? by the way I love your appartament

  16. Holy shit I wanna live here

  17. where did you get those curtains? I want them in my life.


  19. For the price of the Apartment you might as well get a nice house and get way more space and you won't be stressed out

    Fucking hipsters, you don't have to live in Central New York

  20. For the price of the Apartment you might as well get a nice house and get way more space and you won't be stressed out

  21. What is a reasonable price

  22. Where can I buy that table?

  23. Dear Americans you are the only ones not taking off your shoes when you come home.Stop calling it japanese or asian thing,its normal human thing

  24. A tall Summit refrigerator (24x24x78) would be more practical then the drawers. Built in convection/microwave oven where the dishwasher is would be my choice. Except for dinner parties it's just one-two residents most of the time. DW is useless. My opinion only.

  25. How is electricity hooked up in the moving wall? I think this is brilliant. I'm sure Japan has perfected small space living but American major cities need more innovative ideas like this. Prototypes are always more expensive but you've shown forward thinking and out of the box ideas.

  26. Soon the cars have more space than us! …

  27. Amazing! All guests kept their shoes on 😂

  28. Wow! Well done! Especially compared to the Before pics.

  29. With 420 square feet, couldn't they have just had a big studio with a real kitchen and similar storage and the murphy beds all without the moving wall? I love that place. If I lived in the big city, I'd want a small place like that.

  30. Fascinating!!!

  31. He didn't mention where he stores the 10 chairs when not in use

  32. that does not pass as "making your bed"

  33. Wonder what nationality he is?

  34. 19:50 …. simpler life makes you happier! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗🤗🤗 agree 💯% ….. but for most folks it's hard to understand "simple" as they grew up wayyyyyyyyyy different, some call it spoiled 😚😚😚 Back to the routs! Love most of the ideas in this place! GREAT, very well done, but costly 🙄

  35. Brilliant!

  36. Mine is 1000 a month, I can't stop watching these. I made a video about mine it's 150 square feet and good god it feels cramped. I made a video about it on my channel if you're interested in teeny tiny shoebox apartments haha

  37. where can I buy the folding bunk bed?

  38. Gosh i forget where i put my key..i just remember i put my key in the storage

  39. Very nice, congratulations!!

  40. the most inspiring video so far thanx