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500-Square-Feet Small House with a Loft

This loft house by SmallWorks Studios packs everything you could possibly need into 500-square-feet of living space. And it even has a garage and upstairs balcony.

Full post: http://www.tinyhousetalk.com/500-sf-small-house/
SmallWorks Studios: http://www.smallworks.ca
Couple who built their own: http://buildsmall.blogspot.com

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  1. I'll take it

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  3. Should've just done a video. Picture complications are the worst

  4. I wanted to look at fresh ideas for a series of sheds I wanted to build and I got them [ Check Details Here⇒>https://twitter.com/jime_alase/status/908963016535711744 ] . Australian materials and traditions in building are different. Thats why this volume was impressive- lots of new approaches. Reccomended.

  5. Wow how much does a house like that cost to make

  6. how much ?

  7. that japan

  8. iconic vlogger music

  9. What a garbage video.

  10. Hello!
    Please tell me where you can order a detailed project of this house?

  11. Not bad

  12. The problem with this design is everyone wants a bathroom on the same floor as their bedroom and on the same floor as their living room. No one cares if there is a bath with the kitchen. making it 1 story over a garage with a downstairs patio would be better at the very least no downstairs bath and an upstairs bath instead of the deck.

  13. Weird video, why bother posting, not a very nice layout anyway.

  14. Southern Oregon Cat Mom

    Very nice.

  15. The car living a best place! It's wrong conception!

  16. no closet

  17. I like this a lot but the bed has no space on either side. I need a good arm's length of space off the sides of the bed. Yikes claustrophobia creeps in there

  18. sleep up stairs and bathroom down stairs? nope……not for me.

  19. SchrodingersQuark

    This is a house, it has rooms, it's small, end video…. :/

  20. Perfect design for me–now where do I place it?

  21. I want to build myself a small house, don't know how to start the process though.

  22. not long enough

  23. that was a sparse description. how lazy.

  24. Why do they have to be so small? Why not 800 square feet with a living/ family/ hobby room?
    If we are coming out of 2800 square feet some of that is for personal space.

  25. 500 sq and Guarage is the barest minimum for me that is for absolute sure must park the car in a good Guarage to help it last much longer.