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46 Sqm Small Narrow House Design with Low-cost Budget

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46 sqm or approximately 495 sq.ft modern small narrow house for single family residence built on narrow and long block of land. This modern house is a home for newlywed house, so affordable townhouse concept was become main factor when designed and built this small narrow house but not forget about its guarantee essential and necessary functions as a home. Not only low-cost budget but the design also has to calculate future extension plan when the newlywed has bigger and stable household income.
For economical reason, steel structure applied building construction of this small two-storey house. The steel structure applied for this economical small townhouse design is not only reduce the load of the building, but also reduce its labor work cost and reduce construction time. Total construction cost to built for this small home was only USD 16,300 (United States Dollar). The interior cost of this simple small house was only USD 5,500. The land cost is zero because it is inheritance real estate.
Yup, the design is townhouse or terraced house architecture, but you can make free-standing residence or detached house like this one too. This narrow townhouse built in Vietnam. The townhouse in Hanoi, known as Hanoi Tube House because it has narrow width and depth long block due the real property law. Well, every townhouse usually has long site so open-plan kitchen that direct connected with rear garden landscape plan is common for modern townhouse architecture. Unfortunately, this townhouse site plan is too small so it cannot accommodate backyard garden like townhouse in another countries and cities, such as townhouse in Sydney, or townhouse in Melbourne. Because of that, this Hanoi tube house floor plan layout is liitle bit unique, but awesome.


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  1. I need the plan please help me
    I have only 8×10 m² land

  2. I actually love the design except the tree in the middle of the living room.

  3. loved the interior, brilliant design 🙂

  4. fazlul haque nayan

    loved it

  5. Marcos Yudi Kimura

    Little bit similar to Azuma House from Tadao Ando.

  6. Rakesh tummanapally


  7. lot bigger than 46sq m.

  8. my dream house

  9. Is there a blue print for this?

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