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4 Cozy Hygge DIY Ideas | Minimalist Living

Finish out winter feeling perfectly cozy by making your room a Hygge paradise!

Pink Ginger Latte – 0:21
Hidden Charging Station – 1:23
Cinnamon Beeswax Candles – 2:32
Chunky Wool Blanket – 3:33


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  1. What kind of scones did you have?

  2. I'm still confused on what it actually means.

  3. Pocketwatch Purveyor

    Candle Safety Alert: 1) NEVER use candles with an open flame beside your bed. Use a great flameless candle instead. 2) NEVER add chunks of anything flammable to a candle. Chunks of cinnamon stick will catch on fire as the wick and wax go down. This could result in unexpected flares of flame which could set other things on fire. The same goes for any papers or stickers you might adhere to the outside of a candle. You can't be cautious enough around flames.

  4. Hygge isn’t Scandinavian, it’s Danish

  5. I feel like the more hygge has become a thing, the more it's evident that people just haven't a clue what it's about. You may need to read up a bit on it, because this video is a bit off.

  6. I just filmed a jokey video about minimalism and read the KonMari book (magic of tidying up) to prep. I ended up converting myself to minimalism in the process 😂

  7. Thankyou for sending this Vedio

  8. Okay, I'm calling cultural misappropriation on this one. These things have fuck all to do with hygge as much as they are there to look good. Hygge is supposed to be a raw, primal coziness, not a product.

  9. The music is beautiful it's soothing

  10. I love the blanket,what kind of wool is that and where do you buy it?

  11. Looks just like boho

  12. As a dane, I would say Hygge is really more about a feeling than anything physical. While many find candles, hot drinks and cosy surroundings hyggelige, it's not really necessary. To me hygge is as much about movie nights with my friends and relaxing dinners with my family as it is curling up with a book and a cup of tea. But great video 🙂 Definitely gonna try the candle and the pink latte.

  13. It's Danish… and it's really not pronounced hoo-gah. Y is pronounced entirely different in Danish, there isn't really a way to write it in English but the gah should be more of a geh sound instead. Otherwise it really was a hyggelig video! 😁

  14. Hygge doesn’t have to be about keeping warm.. it is more about comfortability – you feel relaxed, you are enjoying yourself – you feel like this is a moment that you would like to stay in. Whether you get to that moment using candles, hot beverages, friends/family or the summer sun doesn’t matter.. 😊

  15. Heidi Thune Nielsen

    Hygge kan be hanging out with friends, eat some dinner watch a movie and just chill. Weather you light up a candle or not. 😅

  16. Love this! 😃

  17. Lightboat, Crafting Curiosity


  18. Super video 👏🏻 could you share the title of the song playing (video bedroom) please…it’s so hygge

  19. Akvi DIY

    Wow!!! Amazing. Well done!!! 🤗🌸🌸I also make videos on youtube. You can check it If you want. 😊😊😊

  20. Love it! 😍