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3D Home Design by Livecad Tutorials 01 First steps

22 videos for creating a complete project. This 1st video will introduce you to the software’s standard tools. Start by selecting the “Room” tool in the “Construction” tab, then draw the following rooms: Dining room, Sitting room, Bathroom. Remember to rename them for the project to be more clearly understood.

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  1. i wish u added sound,,need a tutorial with sound 🙁

  2. …when the program starts it comes up with an error " a fatal error ocurred,program could no save your opened projects, choose yes to try to recover them. If you choose "No" your modified projects will be lost"…..and when Im working on it breakdown with " A fatal error ocurred, to help us solve the problem, please send this error report, otherwise exit" !
    please…anyone help!!
    My system: Windows XP SP3, pentium 4 3Ghz, 2MB ram, gforce 2600GT