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  1. Is it paid.?

  2. Ableton Indonesia User Group

    Can we use this to design a stage, with some posters in .jpg being applied to the 3D object?

  3. how to dowloand link pls

  4. Time to start my mech project

  5. Thank you very much, I learned a lot of knowledge from your video, this video is very valuable, I fully recommend.

  6. Cant open a new file "graphics not available"

  7. how do i download it. please leave a link for me. Thank you

  8. How to download or install please

  9. Excellent review video. I use this software as well and didn't realise what all it could do until I saw your review vid. Keep up the great work and many thanks for the candid review.
    Best Regards

  10. I will test design spark software.

  11. Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum XV

    your genius

  12. I realy like this software it is awesome

  13. I wanna make something mechanical with moving parts and test it virtually, will this work for that? someone please help me. 

  14. You're not one of those Apple fanboy are you? Notice how this professional software by real engineers aren't use in Mac?

  15. I do believe that most, if not many manufacturers do include 3D CAD models (usually in IGES format) in their online catalogs. So, that isn't considered stealing designs and ideas especially when they are willingly shared by the providers themselves. This system is more or less the same. It enables users to come up with their drawings faster as it eliminates the need for standard parts with the introduction of an online catalog. Please do your research before shooting yourself in the foot. Thanks

  16. Another cloud system to steal peoples designs and ideas?

  17. Albert Harguindey Sánchez

    lol, awesome

  18. So freaking sweet 🙂 thanks guys you've just made something incredible