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3BHK interior Design | Whitefield | Bangalore

This beautiful house designed by our designer Swathi in Mera homes apartment.

Cost- 9.5 lakhs
No. of rooms- 3
Duration- 2.5 months
Area- 1800 sqft
Designer- Swathi

#foyer area designs in mera homes – The shoe cabinet is at a seater height and has a storage below with brass handles, attached to this is the panelling and it continues on top as the rafter with spot-lights and then it comes as a ledge to keep artifacts.

#Pooja unit designs in #merahomes- To make it look authentic we’ve used #cnc cut shutter design with duco paint on it and it has brass handles. Inside the pooja unit we’ve given over-head cainets and on top is the loft.

#Living area designs in #merahomes- Opposite to the pooja unit we have given the tv unit.
#tvunit – The cladded wall has a rafter on top with spot lights and a nice brown panel for the tv. We have the bottom cabinets with drawers and the skirting continues as a ledge to provide space for vases. On the left side is a corner unit with spot lights.
Behind the sofa we’ve given a rafter with spot lights to beautify the wall.

#Falseceiling designs in mera homes- It’s done in a very elegant way, a little brown and a lot of white is just making it look amazing.

#Diningarea designs in #merahomes- A small piece of stone cladding is done with focus lights on top to maintain the theme,
#crockeryunit / #barunit- It’s at a counter height, there is bottle storage right under it (the 9 cavities) and cabinet on either sides.
On top is the crockery unit which is hanging and the outer portion comes down as a ledge which has spot lights and below that is wine glass holder. On the top most we have niches with spot lights which continue to the other wall which is the kitchen entrance.

#Kitchen designs in #merahomes- The purple and white glossy laminates are creating a very nice contrast. Bottom cabinets have detergent holder, dustbin area, tandom boxes, bottle pull outs and other drawers.
The tall unit has a free space to conceal the microwave.

#Masterbedroom designs in #merahomes – To give a rustic look we have used a raw wood colour for the wardrobe which is 2 door slider and has aluminium strips with concealed handles and a loft on top.
Tv unit- The back panelling of the tv unit is done in the laminate and below is a edge and drawer. It continues to a dressing table with a tall mirror and a ledge.

#Guestbedroom designs in #merahomes – There is 3 door shutter wardrobe with rustic laminate.

#Kid’sbedroom designs in #merahomes – We have maintained the purple and white theme in the wardrobe which has a dressing unit and open cabinets+drawers attached to it. The study unit is with a long table and drawers under it. On top is an open and closed storage for books and toys.
Hope you enjoyed the video.
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