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3-D Glass Pyramid Spec House Architectural Design II

This Fully Glass Enclosed 3 Interconnected Pyramids Mansion is Fully Computer Operated and is Comprised of a 3 Story Main House with 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Master Bedroom and Bath on the 1st Floor, Massive Living Room with Large Entertainment Pit with Surround Sofas, 4 Opposing Big Screens and Sound System, Billiards Area, Glass Staircase Steps, Anti-Family Room Underneath Staircase, with Glass Walls and Doors Leading to the Dining Room and Ultra Modern Kitchen. The Pool Can be Entered and Seen through Glass Walls from the Master Bedroom, the Living Room, and the Dining Room. Electric Current Passing Through the Glass is used to make the Glass Clear or Opaque Depending on the Privacy Desired in Each Area. There is a Glass Front Elevator with a Glass Ceiling that Goes to the Second Floor so one may Observe the Living Room and the Sky during the ride. The Second Floor Contains a Double Balcony Over-Looking the Living Room and Entertainment Areas and has a Daybed for Reading or Napping. As well the 2nd Floor Contains 2 Bedrooms and Bathrooms for Guests and Family with Glass Fronts Facing the Landing and Balconies with Views to the Outside and Privacy Controlled with Electrical Charge. Both Bedrooms have Seperate Inverted V Glass Ceilings Seperate of the Pyramids Structural Glass. Thus one may see the Sky, Sun, and Clouds during the Day, and the Stars and Moon at Night. Glass Can Change Shades for Viewing or Sleeping when Electricaly Charged, and Both Upstairs Bathrooms have Full Outside Views. A 2 Story Glass Pyramid Structure Encloses 1/2 of the Swimming Pool so that Half is an Inside Swimming Pool and Half is an Outdoor Swimming Pool. The Swimming Pool also has a Built-in-Bar and Seating on the Inside Portion Built Around one of the Pyramids Support Pillars. A One Story Glass Pyramid Structure Houses a 2 Car Carriage House. There is a Heliport on Property along with Dozens of Tropical Outside Gardens and a Large Fountain in the Circular Driveway in Front of the Main Entrance to the House. The Main Entrance Door to the House, the Pool Side Main Entrance Door, and the Garage Doors are Massive Multi-Paneled Glass Doors that Slide Up or Down Within the Angled Superstructure of the Pyramid Exterior Glass Walls and are all the Same Size. Every Room in the House has Full Outside Views as Well as the Pool and Coach House. This House was Designed to be Built in in the City and Country, Dubai, Dubai in the Middle East.

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  1. Nice design John, where else than the middle east for such a cutting edge project.

  2. Paul Michael Bales

    i love this, so weird i have always wanted a pyramid home, i came across this whilst i was looking at something that has to do with pyramids or houses : )
    how much does it cost? can i add a few things into it also to truly make this my home?