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3 Cool Bedrooms | Interior Design | Del Mar Reveal #6

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3 Kids Bedroom Makeovers and a kids playroom!
In this video Rebecca walks you through the Del Mar project’s kids rooms, along with a pretty sensational playroom as well. Check out the before and afters and let us know what you think. Like the improvements? Which is your favorite and how would you feel about spending some leisure time in that play room..! Follow us on instagram and sign up for the Design Session, where Rebecca teaches you everything she knows about interior design (links below)!

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. LiudMila Volovskaia

    Очень хорошо все организовано и главное с учетом вкуса всей семьи. Здорово!!!!

  2. Francene Goulding

    Love the transformation…where's your staircase railings?

  3. I’d be the 500th dislike but imma like this instead!

  4. I’d be the 500tj dislike but imma like this instead!

  5. Amazing! ❤️

  6. Yeah, I like your lights, that is really outstanding. How did you make it??

  7. Amazing!

  8. I want pizza rn just wanted to let you know

  9. love love your design!

  10. Sink in a closet????

  11. Whats the song at 3:46??? Pls guys

  12. Whats the song at 3:46 ????

  13. Elizabeth Martinez

    I loved everything!!! Just one thing I wasn't crazy about, the lights seemed to get in the way or looked kind of messy. That's just my personal taste 😉

  14. Becky….love you! So inspired!!!

  15. The railing for the balcony

  16. Rails

  17. For more video n info about game subscribe my channel and hit the bell icon https://youtu.be/uo2f7TQtSxs

  18. Can i join your team? 🙂

  19. Hello Mrs.Robeson, I would love for you to teach me interior design i love to craft and make things . with my creativity and your teaching will make me be a excellent designer. I'm planning on going to school for interior design in Mobile,Al. I can show you some of my work if you would like to see them

  20. Del Mar is…rich as hell! Anyway, I love how grateful the kids were, and what lovely rooms they now have! Just wonderful.

  21. I luv the last bedroom for the daughter room design….im going to try my best and do the same for my daughter as well! 😀 Thank you for the inspiration ^_^

  22. What a wonderful space – love the play room. Thank you for the amazing videos

  23. Oh my goddd😍 u'r superb.

  24. not liking the bedside shelves in the second bedroom. they made the room smaller. the third bedroom was very nice and classy.

  25. oh Rebecca I love you and whatever you do!Come to Greece,be my friend,be my sister whatever😄💚💜💙

  26. nicole elizabeth

    the younger girls reaction is so cute!

  27. Christopher Cowdy

    Banisters r missing

  28. What ! And i don't have to fold my clothes !

  29. yukisuperstylish

    rich family indeed but how come there come was a ugly and cheap before??

  30. Alexandra Tan Si Jie

    Love it this is so awesome 😍

  31. I adore this house! I would never want to leave. You have inspired me to redecorate my tiny apartment. Thank you.

  32. Such an eye catching 💛 interiors.. really loved it … fantastic video

  33. Can you get help online from you

  34. Loved

  35. the "play room" nooo to many lights hanging and lacks more personality…in my humble opinion

  36. Omg! You are the most creative designer ever!😍

  37. A mirror

  38. A railing is missing from the stairs

  39. I love the lastg bedroom is like something like that done

  40. How can I get that I want it so baddddddddd

  41. wow! your amazing!

  42. OMG! nice nice nice!

  43. Can you do my room