After living in other people’s apartments and houses for two and half year, i feel like i’m becoming sort of savvy at making it feel homey around me with small means.

Making a home get a luxurious feel can quite often come with a hefty price tag though. designer furniture, expensive floral arrangements, and constantly new decor pieces to follow what’s on trend. not exactly a budget way to live.

I like the mix. i like having both luxurious designs for my home, at the same time as saving a buck wherever i can on nice budget solutions.
these are three ways in which i save money on decor and design.

You know me, simple is beautiful. a few flowers, and some natural materials like glass or wood – beautiful to look at and lovely to the touch. it doesn’t take a whole lot more to make your home instantly level up. or what do you think ?

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  1. I just moved into my very own apartment (no roommates!) and am pretty much starting from scratch with a limited amount of space and a mindful budget. I've allowed myself a few splurges like a set of velvet sitting chairs, but when it came to purchasing floating shelves everything was SO expensive or less expensive but incredibly cheap. To save money, my boyfriend and I went to the hardware store and purchased wooden planks, stain and the shelving brackets. In the end I'm getting something of a better quality and completely customized for my space!

  2. I love saving glass jars! I have a whole "set" of drinking glasses that actually used to be mustard jars, they are so pretty! Also glass jars with lids are awesome for storing stuff. I put some coconut oil in one, to use on my face and body, my daughter uses them to put her homemade slime in, etc etc etc… The uses are endless.

  3. I love your style!  Period!

  4. Why did you private your mustard Christmas stuff????? I miss it :c

  5. I love it ?

  6. love your makeup look so much… it's really unique

  7. Really interesting channel you have, been loving the decor series

  8. Im not big on plants but i recently started making lard/tallow candles out pf recycled items – i found an old green tin cup which i made a green lard candle in – theyre very cute and handle for emergency candles! And all you need is vegetable shortening or rendered animal fat (i know youd use shortening i know youre vegan) and add half a crayon for colour, and twine for a wick – boom instant candle!

  9. Never heard the surname Mustard before, that's actually so cool. Also brilliant video too

  10. Marie Pierre Mavioga

    i love your style and your make-up

  11. Leung Ching Tung

    Can you also share about where your inspiration comes from regarding to fashion or home design, like what do you read daily and so on ! Your style is very special. Feel so nice watching your videos.

  12. These are great tips!

  13. Angélique Moseley

    Budget decor tips:
    – Dried flowers hung on long, textured, neutral ribbon
    – Chess boards and games I will use
    – Stationary motifs (very useful for a writer) — to this end I think many modest objects relating to your work or hobbies can be displayed as decor

  14. my thought is to go to charity shops and other recycled places, get solid wood furniture and sand it down, wax it, you will have a gorgeous timely piece. It is a bit of work but will last forever.

  15. That grain vinegar bottle! ???

  16. my favorite budget décor hands down has to be the using a simple bottle with a narrow neck to display a single stem of flowers or greens. Now I think I will be able to have fresh flowers around my house more often as I won't have to buy a full bouquet, and looks so chic too! Thanks!

  17. You are awesome!

  18. Silvaraci Designer - USA

    all of ideias are Nice! Janny

  19. I like how even your intro is minimalist, no long talk on how your day was or what you're going to be talking about, just straight into it. Nice 😛

  20. Hi Jenny, nice video. Where is the sofa from? Thank you

  21. I love it?

  22. Cooking videos?

  23. those were surprisingly good tips <3

  24. I so love your page with a passion!! ? waaah! Scream! Hahaha

  25. what are some good plants to have inside my bedroom?

  26. supi video ^^

  27. I love the idea about the flowers! i will definitely do that =) Thanks jenny!

  28. Moving furniture..crazy past time or what? It creates an uplifting effect on using different pieces of furniture in the house. I saw a post on @apartmenttherapy and decided to replicate the look. .. i moved a dresser I found on the kerb side pickup and created a lighter mood in my bedroom instead of the boring dark stained bedroom suite.

  29. I save all of my food jars too lol! n I use them for storage

  30. Alessia Serratore

    Hello, I appreciated your input on some aspect of interior design, but I couldn't help but notice the Philippe Stark juicer (the one that looks like a spacecraft) on one of the pictures your shown. Well I don't know if that's yours or not, but I personally think that it is very badly conceived and actually not very useful, compared to other juicer out there.

    Thank you for your videos.

  31. Love love loveeeeeeee yr videos and tips … Kindly do a current makeup routine and it wud be kind if u also include wot makeup u r wearing in each video in descriptions

  32. I always like your videos <3

  33. Michelle Barajas

    I love how you did your eye make up today!

  34. I really like that since some time you have more warm colours in your films, and wooden furniture,and lights and your make up. after long time of cold and icy tones it's nice to see some changes. 🙂
    and about the subject I'd add from myself papper and pictures. 🙂 We can arrange really nice space by adding some hand made papper stuff without worring about what will we do with it if we get bored. And pictures don't always have to be with obvious things in. I like to print some details or play with colours and decorate some elements of my area.

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