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30 X 40 (28 X 38 ) East face house plan walk through

This is the house plan walk through Let’s see the vedio Ground floor plan #2 ...


  1. If you Google "Floor truss span table" you'll get all the engineering information you need. I used to sell these floor trusses, we called them 4×2 floor trusses because the 2×4's are laid flat. Very competitive with I-joists if not less expensive. Plus your subs get in and out faster, room for ducting, they're fabulous

  2. I'm sure there's some sort of formula to figure this out but does that allow you to build larger spaces without support beams?

  3. Air condition the attic ?? Lord all mighty i would never find a wallet big enough

  4. I know this video is really old, but did you ever do the follow up about spray foam insulation? Would you still recommend this method or has something better come along since this video was made?

  5. How do the materials costs compare between solid lumber vs TJI's vs 2×4 truss joists?

  6. Theodore Blumberg

    There was a statement about fire rating worthiness of Floor Trusses versus solid wood (I'm paraphrasing). The reality is, the WTCA has done real world TESTING on fire ratings and have proven that solid wood is more vulnerable, because they do not have as high a threshold for fire protection due to the false premise that solid wood last longer in a fire. The truest fire ratings are for Floor Trusses components. It's a falsehood that solid wood joists provide a higher fire rating, the real world data fails to support what most building departments follow for this. Most of it is based in tradition and lobby political power. That and $1 will buy you a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

  7. Theodore Blumberg

    Have you ever thought about 1.5' Gyp-Crete over 3/4 foam board? I've designed with that in TN and NC. It gives a very solid sound and feel floor. This is all over open web floor trusses with 3/4" subfloor.

  8. Can you please talk about price. Compared to dimensional/ I beams

  9. Sleepylionheart _

    Hi Matt. I’m just got new plans for my house and I am looking to get a contractor to do the shell for my house. I’m planning on super insulating it. Do you know any contractors I can get quotes from? I am in Houston. I would prefer someone who is knowledgeable about efficient home construction. Thanks a bunch. Great videos

  10. Gentleman Private

    What are the bottom gusset plates for?

  11. Matt, those floor trusses look awesome. I have been unable to find a strength comparison test between solid lumber, TJIs, and these 2×4 truss joists. Are you aware of any strength test to convince me that the trusses are just as strong? Forgive me if I don't take the manufacturer's word for it. 🙂

  12. I really like the overhangs on this house

  13. As a contractor & Firefighter your statement of "there's tons of wide open space" is what makes this floor system DEADLY for ff's. With that said they are in my own house.
    From building code standpoint yes they meet all requirements. It is the spread of fire without restriction that makes it dangerous. Sheetrock applied to the sides is a good alternative but usually impractical due to the ant of items running through each space.
    It's a real catch 22 situation in the USA due to the high # of fire deaths for an advanced country that we are. Your a great builder and tour attention to detail is awesome.

  14. What is the max span for Southernpine 2×4 floor trusses?

  15. Have a large 30'x 30' room with trussed flooring underneath. We are feeling much vibration when someone walks around in the middle of the room. I was thinking it was the trussed floor, any ideas how we can stabilize the floor?

  16. What was the span for these joists?

  17. Has anyone executed a structural integrity duration test under working fire conditions to see which type of joist lasts longer in a working fire, in which the joist cavity is breached by fire? A mega apartment complex is going up near me, and I'd be terrified to be FD trying rescue people if those 2×4 trusses start burning. I doubt they'd last a quarter as long as solid 2by18 joists. I could be wrong. I know these new trusses hold a lot of weight, and are much lighter, allowing more floors, but hey, if there's been no burn test,,,, just sayin'.

  18. Hi, thank you for a very informative video.  we are building and using this floor truss system in our home.  we would like to hang a swing from our ceiling and are wondering how much weight can this type of system support.  the supporting beam for the trusses are 18' apart. 

  19. Thanks for commenting. I've not seen the Metal C joists or Trade Joists. I wonder if that's exclusive to Oregon? Best,Matt

  20. I used to be all for this style of Joists and still use occasionally. I still love open web system. I am in oregon, FYI. I have switched all my custom design builds to Metal C joists or Trade Joist ready products. When i get my plans all done I send it off to a company and get a shipment of everything structural and labeled. This makes for a freaky strong and fast build without flaw and ensures all my specialty subs put stuff where it should go. No screw ups and no delays on rough stuff.

  21. Fair enough, because calling them 2×4 & a truss designer read that… he laughed.


  22. I'm pretty sure you don't want to call these a 4×2 in front of an old framing carpenter…you'll get some stares or big laughs. Best, Matt

  23. technically, they are 4×2… "flat". 2×4 would be looking at the lumber 'on edge'

    4×2 = flat lumber, floor truss. 🙂

  24. Thanks, never saw these before.

  25. No, those yellow lines in the background are Romex high voltage electric lines. The blue smurf tube over my shoulder is for Low Voltage. But, I do typically run a lot of Cat5e in my houses. It's pretty inexpensive to run Low Volt wires during construction to a central location and then you're not stuck relying on wireless. Best, Matt

  26. Holy Cat 5/6 cables! Are those yellow data lines I see in the background Matt? That's a residential house? That's an obscene amount of lines if they are the indeed networking scales!

  27. Oh boy, good question. I haven't used TJI's for almost 10 years, not sure I know that answer. Talk to your local truss manufacturer and I'll bet they can tell you a ballpark difference in cost. Thanks for your kind comments! Best, Matt

  28. @ghet5 I've not used the LiteSteel Beams but they seem like a good idea. We tend to use LVL's for most applications that a Light Steel Beam might be used. -Matt Risinger

  29. What do you think about LiteSteel Beams?

  30. @iamaGod357 2×12's are definitely better than 2×8 or 10's. The next upgrade would be I-Joist (TJI's). The TJI's are much straighter and you don't worry about crowning issues. Tough to beat the 2×4 Truss Joists though! Matt Risinger

  31. 2x12s r better