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28 Impressive Tiny Houses [Interior Design] Design Ideas for Small Homes

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28 Impressive Tiny Houses Design Ideas for Small Homes
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Impressive Beautiful Tiny Homes

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  1. I like them all just amazing

  2. To contemporary not rustic enough

  3. The music is a no for me

  4. Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James

    For MY BROTHER'S AND SISTER'S, we're human beings, YOU ALL deserve to have a PLACE to have a permanent home, although IS a small..🤗😇FOR THE brother's WHO designed THIS, YOU guys have THE VERY Best excellent solutions FOR homeless brother's AND sister's🤗😇YOU know being ON THE street is a VERY hard LIFE, YOU sleep on THE street, people passing by,some LOOK down on YOU, NOW THIS idea is a wonderful 🤗😇I wish I CAN speak fluent English 🙁😒
    WHO EVER YOU ARE, THANK for your HEART and your spirit, really excellent solutions FOR homeless brother's AND sister's, WHO needs HELP..🤗😇
    GOD BLESS everyone AND your family circles AND friends and neighbors AND colleagues. 🤗😇

  5. do u know the name of these tinys? id like to see some of them in depth . thank u!

  6. :55 What came up with that design with the yellow bed layout? I like that idea.

  7. Can anyone here tell me what tiny house builder built the tiny house shown at 3:12

  8. dinous 9171002959

    so cute

  9. Girlonpurpleyoshi222

    This oddly made me satisfied…

  10. Girlonpurpleyoshi222

    This oddly made me satisfied…

  11. I loved every tiny home you gathered in this video. Beautiful homes 👍

  12. My god,my breath is taken away,i can't wait building my house after i got a job 🙂

  13. These are all so beautiful.

  14. Lots of nice designs.

  15. Correct below. A prefab. Shed

  16. I have bought a ready made she'd. & I am turning it into a tiny house. We are getting closer. Move in soon. So excited

  17. Some good ideas and lovely spaces👍👏

  18. Love,love, love!

  19. Some great places in there, and very well worked out ideas! Thanks!

  20. Dine with a plate in your lap. Use a handheld computer. Tables, desks and books may not be needed.

  21. To save money, omit a loft and use a sofa bed or daybed. Store a wardrobe in pull-out baskets beneath the bed. Closets may not be needed.

  22. For spaciousness, face furniture towards a large window.