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25 TIPS FOR A MINIMALIST LOOKING HOME | Faking Minimal Aesthetic

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25 TIPS FOR A MINIMALIST LOOKING HOME | Faking Minimal Aesthetic

As always, today I am giving you my tips and hacks for lifestyle, home and wardrobe minimalism. The best way to create a minimalist home is to declutter, downsize and simplify. Less is always more. If you are not ready to commit to a more minimal life, and want to fake minimalist decor or aesthetic, I also have you covered. Here are 10 tips to make your home look more minimalist!

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  1. Yes please i needed that

  2. Maybe this is the video I was looking for 2 years. I get rid of so many things an now I am on that point where I don't know where to stop. I think at this moment every item have a job or I love it. But I didn't feel comfortable, because my attention is everywhere anyway… Maybe this will help. Thanks for this.

  3. I‘ve seen this tiny apartment 18,5 square meters, I‘m a minimalist but thinking about how I’d make this space work.

  4. The Photo Booth Chick

    Awww! Feed the little baby Kitty!

  5. Please, if you live in a cold country, don' ditch your curtains. Curtains provide a wonderful thermal barrier at night. Instead, go for thermal curtains that match your wall colour. They will be unobtrusive, yet be able to fulfill their purpose.

  6. Lovely video but never forget minmalism is not an aesthetic trend, minimalisim is a life style, colors and shapes doesnt matter its all personal choice, as marie kondo says keep only the things that ‘’sparks joy ‘’

  7. Well, there go my hopes of ever having a minimalist looking bedroom… There is no way I am getting rid of my glow-in-the-dark Star Wars sheets. Guess I'll have to fake the minimalist aesthetic by having less stuff instead.

  8. You can’t fake it chick.

  9. Checked out your Pinterest “Home” board. Love your taste!

  10. 6:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂 great tips! I'm working on finding plants that don't need soil TFS!

  11. Ok, not really related to the vid, but you convinced me to get the silk slip dress from Silk Laundry and I'm very happy. It's beautiful and so versatile. Thank you for all the suggestions!

  12. My mom always paints her christmas decorations white, light blue and dark blue because that's the theme in her house!

  13. I would love to see your house tour! If you're comfortable with that of course!

  14. YEAH to plants!! It has been a real change for me. It brings so much life and calm 🙂

  15. One of my favorite tips is, to avoid decorating your home with anything, that has writing on it. 
    In my opinion posters or wall tattoos with poems or inspirational quotes are highly visually distracting.
    This has turned into a major pet peeve for me.

  16. I don’t understand why there’s a belief that things “look minimalist”. Minimalism is a way of life that doesn’t have to do with having certain color bedding. I understand what you’re describing with having a clean aesthetic (and I also find this pleasing) but it kind of irritates me how people equate this to minimalism. It makes it feel more like a trend rather than a true lifestyle. Just my thoughts.

  17. Is this a joke??? The color gray isn't a requirement of minimalism at all. This seems more like a vanity/status symbol thing than real minimalism. (Buhddist concept of minimalism)

  18. Great video😘

  19. I love Christmas and but I’m struggling to find ways to decorate in a minimalist way its so easy to get carried away! a minimalist guide or tips to Christmas would be amazing also minimalist gift tips maybe? Love your videos 🤶🏻🎄✨

  20. Great ideas, and a lot of them (a maximalist list for a minimalist home!). 🙂

  21. These are great suggestions. Thanks for bringing a new subject. It seems when a minimalist does a video, everyone else does a video on the same thing. Cheers.

  22. "I like to think my home represents me." * It's empty.

  23. Fabulous! I love this list of ideas for making my home appear more minimalist. I love and use a lot of my things but I still want to bring in some more calm. You've given me some more food for thought. Thank you!

  24. God bless. New age things r very dangerous. <3

  25. Great tips ..,useful and practical. 👌

  26. I am a minimalist that uses red.

  27. Jennifer Ann de la Torre

    Is your cat OK??? It sounds likes he wants Mummy's attention. Maybe he is hungry? My cat is constantly asking for treats.

  28. I added light blush towels with my white towels and grey. It is really beautiful and soothing. A beautiful lamp by a local glass blower adds a stunning backdrop for white or grey walls and linens. Thank you for your videos! You are right on with texture also even with clothing. My dog barked when he heard your cat. Do you travel with him?

  29. Hahaha i loved Gary’s cameo 😂

  30. Can you do a video on rebuilding a wardrobe without feeling like/becoming a shopaholic? Lately I've been adding/replacing some of the things things in my wardrobe that I realized I needed and I've added 4 or 5 new pieces in the last month. I feel like I've bought too much and I'm kind of afraid that I'll end up overdoing it. I prefer shopping at thrift stores which makes it harder to think over my decision to buy an item because i can't leave it alone for 2 or 3 days before I buy it since it'll be gone. It makes me feel like I'm rushing into things and I'm afraid I'll have buyers regret. Any tips?