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22 Super Awesome Storage Suggestions for Apartment Dwellers

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#3. Use Every Inch of Bedroom Closet Space

#4. Create a Clever Produce Rack

#5. Kitchen Drawer Dividers

#6. Build a Bookshelf on Top of Your Cabinets

#7. Multiple Hooks on Hangers

#11. Bathroom Sink Sliding Bins

#15. Magnetic Refrigerator Strips

#17. Anchor Metal Baskets on Your Oven

#18. Bathroom Bins

#20. Garment Racks

#22. Raised Bed Storage

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  1. My 8 yr old was playing with toys while I was watching this. She suddenly stopped and looked at me like 🤨, and said "what do you THINKS about THESE EPISODES"? 🧐… I busted out laughing. I said whats the problem. She said "that don't sound right 🤔 maybe she didn't read it right." lmao 🤣… My 8yr old has more grammar sense than the narrator😳😅

  2. Nagalakshmi Mokkarala


  3. Mean spend more money to buy more plastic

  4. I'm moving in two weeks later, this vdo is exactly what I'm looking for. I've got many ideas how to organize my new place. Thank you.😍


    great,,,, thank you from Argentina

  6. I like the storage space behind the bed Idea but I am not sure putting chargers and phones inside a drawer right next to your head when you are sleeping is a good idea.

  7. Oops, she said "what do you thinks about this episode?". :p

  8. would definitely implement some of these 🙂

  9. Really great ideas.

  10. I'm curious as to why you say "what do you 'thinks' of this 'episodes' after each video. That sentence is grammatically incorrect on so many levels.

  11. Such type of typing confuses, whether to read or watch the ideas, why dont u put the explanation in a single line

  12. My Reborn Journey MJ

    I love these suggestions, I live in an apartment so every tip is very useful for me, especially as both myself and husband are creative people so we have lots of stuff. My husband has every type of cleaning products but I prefer to use household things. So I appreciate every bit of help. Thank you

  13. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to read books that are covered with grease and splatters of other stuff. And REALLY? Y’all have some nerve recommending a headboard that is designed to save space by having shelves. IKEA should sue. As a matter of fact, I think you even recommended the IKEA item in one of your previous videos. Oh well, doesn’t matter. This is the LAST Jansen’s video for me. Toodles.

  14. Very nice good ideas for storage try for a great video .

  15. Samaiyal attakaasam


  16. 👍🏻

  17. Good ideas but putting holes in a rental isn’t a good idea. There’s alternatives I’m sure that are similar so it’s a good start. Also foil and plastic wrap can be replaced by silicone baking mats and bowl covers.

  18. You came up with clever ideas. Thank you!

  19. I have a house and storage is still an issue not just for apartment renters! This is good for home dwellers as well.

  20. The only thing I wish they would do is change the voice. It's a little irritating.

  21. Why to put cook books so high

  22. Why to put cook books so high

  23. Great ideas, some I have not heard.

  24. Some great ideas, Thnx for sharing
    Luv #7 but will the holders be strong enough to hold all the weight? #10 is good idea but takes space from items in cabinet, like idea 11, 12 same issue , #14 will use up all the space because you need room to pull the bags out. Idea #16 good, really like #18,#19, the others are No brainers.