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2011-05-5 – Building a Foundation for a new house

After demolishing the old house, excavating the lot to clear clay, and backfilling with 1′ of recycled sand – we are ready to start our foundation for the new house… Here is how we do it!

Learn more at http://www.barstowconstruction.com

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  1. How can you make a foundation without pilings or drain tiles? Is there no codes where you are?

  2. This is very poor engineering. No footing, no batter board, drainage issues will rot the house as rain must run off the roof and down the sides and away from the house. I have been watching U tube concrete foundation videos and all of them are substandard and not good examples of quality engineering or planing . I am a life long concrete foundation contractor and so far I have not seen any quality work on U Tube. I live in Calif which is earth quake county and we build foundations to much higher standards than any I have seen on You tube. I have built hundreds of foundation and poured million Plus yards of Mud. I know what I am talking abut from 40 years in the trades. Batter boards must be put up to insure accuracy. Precision foundation installation is required for quality work. Batter board set line and grade and insure precision so that the carpenters have a good square, level, true, plum, concrete foundation to build on. So far you tube has not shown me one foundation that has done the job right. Keith the concrete guy.

  3. What city is this in

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  6. I made it, learned on stodoys website. great solutions I think.

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  8. Человек Разумный

    Долбаный срам… . Я в шоке от такой халтуры.

  9. You have any idea what a foundation means?

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  11. Why American's build they houses so flat on the ground and use cheap wood ?

  12. Hi cool video! How do you guys charge out for a typical foundation with a basement 9ft ceilings? I heard it's by the sqft is that based by the footprint of the house or is it total outer wall area? And are footing typically included in that price?

  13. How do you build a house with a strong floor?

  14. very good workmen Shep…

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  17. Foundation?? What are your building codes?

  18. Who and how did u get pins in the ground ?

  19. Why wouldn't you put the rebar in before putting on the cleats on how did you get the rebar under the cleats? I guess I don't need to ask because I know how but dam that seems bass ackwards

  20. Dolly Diaz,anderson

    can you do this for free for my brther


    the Foundation for the house

  22. whats the measurement of that particular the lot?

  23. Seems like a strange way of building, everyone to their own I guess, just looks back to front IMHO.I have built two houses, and I prefer to dig 600mm x 300mm trenches around the whole perimeter plus across the houses area and fill them with re-enforced concrete, box out the whole area of the houses footprint for a concrete slab, then  pour a 150mm concrete floor/slab.Build the house on top of that, that's how I do it.The U.S. use timber like there's no end of supply, maybe you should think about the wastage, your carbon footprint to your houses.

  24. GaryLordsWayMinistry

    We do but not like this, we actually dig footing's not lay them on top of sandy ground that can move! This is not earthquake code rated.

  25. VERY FINE ILLUSTRATION and I t can create an awareness

  26. this is a dolly house ? no wonder tornadoes kill yal

  27. Hi. I have a dream that I will one day build my own house. But I know its a complicated prosess. I got time to learn however. Can you recommend a way of going about learning these things?

  28. Use road pins for a footer lol not wood its just a footer not walls

  29. I though the minimum depht requirment is 1.2 m