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200 + Space Saving Design Ideas For Small Home

Having a small home is not a problem — you just need to organize it right. And then your modest residence will become perfectly suitable for living, working, partying and everything else you want to do! And you can do all of this in considerable comfort and, dare we say it, in style.

It seems every house could use a little more space, but small homes really need a helping hand when it comes to making the residence feel comfortable and uncluttered. These eighteen products and hacks can help you feel like you finally have some room to stretch out, even if you live in a tiny studio.

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  2. I like the fact that some of these ideas could be used for dorm rooms or for homeless shelters.

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  10. Some of these are not space saving. Just interior design ideas

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  16. I'm trying to find ideas of a loft full bed and converting the bottom to a closet. Would like the closet to be closed? Ideas??!

  17. Really great if you start with a large house to begin with.

  18. I want that table with the chairs inside. where can I find the desk, chair combo??

  19. Yes, 17:02, yes! same concept at 18:21 but make the bottom bunk a double & move the ladder down to the foot of the bed, easier access.

  20. Yes, really like this one at 15:57 although again I would sleep on the bottom with my head at the other end, & I would be careful getting up past the ladder to go to the bathroom, but it could work!! perhaps the part of the "back" where the cushions are could be chalkboard or magnetic for more options too. change it to purple & I'm sold!!

  21. At 2:29 I like separate beds/desks. 3:21 I like for kids room. the trundle at 4:09 looks like a waterbed, ha! just don't like the bed-over-my-head-as-I-sleep concept. guess you could sleep with your head at the other end, eh? at 8:14 I want that concept for my apartment closet!! 15:36 is nice, maybe storage in the window seat.

  22. that one at :39 sec. is great, now where one of the closets to the left be a murphy bed/desk while the one next to it is the actual closet, o.k.? that would be great, as I've seen this in the floor concept in some Japanese homes. the one at 1:16 is nice if it were a double bed. on 1:29 bigger railing for us old folks. on 1:44 the closet doors by the bed could be open half shelves with a pantry or upper closet for things to set inside shelves, glasses, alarm clock c pap, etc.

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  25. I liked 8:20 a lot…and 8:499:149:18/9:19 is a cool makeup/glam setup. I'd change the color scheme, but I like it.

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  30. your small spaces aren't small spaces, they are bigger than most of the modern day bedrooms.