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1960s American Home of Tomorrow, Retro Futuristic Kitchen Design, Gadgets

From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. D1180.2

00:36:44:13 INT, (no windows), COL, SOUND, retro futuristic interior, strange image on back of wall of a tree which grows different fruit on each branch. A woman wearing lycra green jumpsuit with clear plastic, polythene strips over chest and hips, enters room smiling. VO ‘as for life in the space age the appliance industry will continue its life long love affair with you, the American homemaker.’ Woman walks up to mirrored wall and checks her cropped red hair. Man sits with his back to camera, at kitchen table, watches woman walk to work surface, she nods for him to follow, he does so. Woman waves her hand through air and a low cabinet opens to reveal an appliance, oven? VO ‘they’ll be new departures that herald even more exciting adventures in homemaking, new freedom from kitchen chores, new horizons in food preparation and home laundry care.’ Woman waves hand over wall with mirrors and the bottom, wooden fronted cabinets slide open and forward to reveal surfaces with pots and pans on, and a kitchen sink, they walk together along surface. Labour saving, gadgets.
00:37:24:05 INT, view of kitchen interior over central circular table towards couple standing in front of newly revealed surfaces. Woman presses her finger on the mirror and a tiered stand rises out of the middle of the central table, the man and woman smile broadly. They approach the table and observe plates stacked on the lowest level, and decorative centre-piece on the top. Woman presses the mirror again and the tiers descend. Woman presses again on the glass and a light goes on behind the mirrored surface, silhouetting kitchen utensils. Zoom in on womans face who is smiling and cheerfully explaining the wonders of this technology to the man. VO ‘innovations that will continue to offer more quality, value, safety, and versatility for your appliance dollars but tomorrow’s promises have their roots in today.’
00:37:49:00 INT, COL, modern/contemporary kitchen set inside studio. Red/brown wooden kitchen units, white counter tops, woman hoovers the yellow linoleum floor. VO ‘the world we live in, here, now, where its at, your home is what you make it and the appliance industry offering products you can buy with confidence, stands ready to help you make it better, more convenient, more economical, more satisfying than ever before.’
00:38:08:19 ENDS

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  1. Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness

    Fools, why did they think we would still require kitchens and appliance to receive our daily sustinance and nutrition require nts? Didn't they realize in the 1980's food became obsolete thanks to the miracle of Nutritional Cocaine Enemas. Why do you think the wife was wearing those plastic panties? For dinner time of course.

  2. Good morning, Vault-tec calling!

  3. Marley robertson

    So the future is cabinets with glass doors that have lights, and a vacuum cleaner. Fashion is putting on tights and a leotard and then throwing some plastic wrap over them. I don't think they spent very much time brainstorming.

  4. صبا فرمان فرما S.F

    Very nice thanks

  5. The future, where women still do all the house work!…

  6. We can only hope. Maybe next century.

  7. Wow, so exactly right on!  Except for the hair styles, this is exactly how we live in 2015!!   </sarcasm>