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1950s Interior Design with Color: Color Harmony for Your Home (1956) – CharlieDeanArchives


The Colorizer system of paint matching and mixing, with a tribute to the role color consciousness plays in everyday life and modern design .

CharlieDeanArchives – Archive footage from the 20th century making history come alive!

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  1. a more purer human era.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing!

  3. Lalalalalala Lalalalaheufjf

    I WAS THE 10,000 SUB LADS

  4. This is wonderful, and his voice brings back a lot of memories. What a great way to look at colors.❤ this

  5. Born in 1956. I can remember when we didnt have seat belts in cars or air conditioning. I can remember no air conditioning in our home. Black and white TV. No curse words allowed on any TV shows. It is such a different world. I believe I like the old one much better. My childhood was so much better then today.

  6. Why is the young 1950s housewife who would have a high school diploma spoken to as intelligent being using words like 'elegance, beautiful, infinite, harmonious, pleasing, delightful, liveable, charming and tasteful' and she is shown mixing and painitng her own walls whereas now home renovation shows tell Millenials with college degrees and fulltime jobs to have 'real statement pieces, real feature walls and colour pops' to be 'on point' ito mpress others?' I know which era seems the peak of Western Civilisation to me.

  7. Sooo much yes. I can't even.

    I'd be super unimpressed if I were colour blind for most of my life and one day out of the blue I could see colour and these were the colours I saw.

  8. Painting over wall paper? Not a good idea.

  9. Is it me, or is the colour a bit faded?

  10. "It is color, the harp-string of beauty"

  11. I did just exactly this w/ my mom when we got new house in 1960 OMG I had forgotten so much of this. She was so proud of it all.

  12. Back in the day when women were beautiful and elegant; not the fat, blue-haired feminists that we see today.

  13. Like the 50's interior style.

  14. These are the best things on YouTube lol

  15. Oh I still hate this decor, I hated it as a child and I still hate it.

  16. Those colors are hideously boring.

  17. Alatina Thucklemuggin

    avacado, burnt orange, brown and dull gold, all the colorful wonder of the mid-20th century!

  18. Chelsea Bella Gallo

    I’m so in love and obsessed with vintage homes.

  19. This must have taken such a great amount of know how and work to assemble especially without the computerized systems and fancy tech we have today. Honestly I would totally use this wheel!

  20. Club1920s-Roleplay

    Oh yeah…. I need some colour order in my life lol. I also need the 1950s figure!!!

  21. lindalovesmusic1

    Gosh, we all want to go back. If only for a day.

  22. lindalovesmusic1

    I miss my Parents. My Mom is still here but she has dementia. My Grandparents are gone. I miss this kind of living. I wasn't born in the 50s, but I know my Parents were thinking about the little girl they would have one day.

  23. I guess it was common to just paint over wallpaper in those days….

  24. so fun

  25. The mid century mod furnishings are so cool……would totally work today…..

  26. The rug ties the room together!

  27. Why I am in love with vintage video life, so relaxing my mind 😂😂😆

  28. Women look great in dresses, but wearing a dress while painting?

  29. I wish I would have lived in this era 🙁

  30. Charming video. People were smarter then

  31. I would LOVE to find this paint catalog!

  32. 13:49 the blues are still popular today

  33. this is great! and still applicable,

  34. Status Quo ?,D,A riff chip raffia star turn for ten shown bitmap grav bit ease rainbows? Why it,curt, tea,sea, telly,phone call?

  35. Love this! Mid century homes were beautifully decorated!

  36. What a dame! A hot tomato!

  37. 18:09 why are you painting over wall paper? UUUGh if you are going to do something do it right. 19:40 there you go use the light to off set the deep dark hue of the wall

  38. Charm and beauty…lol!

  39. Lasting good taste.

  40. 6:28 that's the one! it harmonises with all your sample colors! …..meanwhile everything is in the grey or muted brown family and the paint chip is like a peachy muted orange but i guess that was the style back then 😛

  41. thanks for the upload!!vintage color film has a beauty all its own…love that furniture.

  42. 8:37 I saw walls like this in old college housing..