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30 X 40 (28 X 38 ) East face house plan walk through

This is the house plan walk through Let’s see the vedio Ground floor plan #2 ...


  1. 14×22 house two side home design video by building

  2. Plz help me for 11×27 house plan i want 1Bhk in ground floor with toilet Bathroom and staircase also. With front and back door. Plz help me ASAP.

  3. Thank you soemuch

  4. Ezhil Chandra Sekaran

    Instand of using wooden work we can use Rcc work

  5. one side road 13fit face me 1living room,room,kitchen,toilet,bathroom,sidi

  6. 14×26 mai ghar banana hai plz

  7. Very good design

  8. mera 12*35plot he.ground or 1st floor khud ke lia.3rd or4th floor rent ke lia.3rd or4th floor ka gate ciri alog sahia. so plz design dijia.

  9. Michael,

    Thank you for this series of videos. Before I go ahead and invest in Sketchup Pro I am using the free version to design a 100% wheel chair accessible tiny house just to see how it stacks up to other (basic) 3D graphics programs I have used. So far so good.

  10. pls sir reply zaroor karna par hindi me

  11. sir mera 33 gaj plot h mujhe ghar banwana pls accha sa naksha bataye

  12. Tammana Ramakrishna Rao

    Awesome designs. This is my first experience happens to see the such designs in a small place. I have place consists 14feet death and 18feet width. can I build a house with two tier. can you give your valuable suggestions with contact details.

  13. muy buen video amigo….quiero hacer algo asi en mi zona, solo que no tengo la herramienta necesario, TE FELICITO POR ESTE PROYECTO….SALUDOS

  14. Канал обо всём подряд

    Good job.

  15. Kajun Means Seasoned Not Hot!

    too many windows for me

  16. I'm wondering how much would this cost to build? I love this and think it would be a great house so my husband and I can move out of our overpriced apartment and actually own a home

  17. Michael great video. I've been looking at storage containers and the Y:Cube system. Your design is a tighter description of the above. I did a similar presentation with 3D- Max, years ago, but I forgot everything. With the type of layman clients I get there is no need for rendering.

  18. Kristina Woodmansee

    do you have one of these house plans for a 8ft by 24 ft? also do plans come with a list of needed supplies to build?

  19. Margie Claire Leone

    You put in a back door  on the outside, but I dont see it on the inside, am I missing something or are you?

  20. nice concept.

  21. Edward Van Natta

    I am looking for details about your product place leave a message when I post this, I am looking for more information

  22. Michael, about how much do you think it would cost to build this house?

  23. Nice work. Looking forward to the next step.

  24. If ibuy the plans for this will it come with a materials list for the basic house?

  25. I love to see your improved plan. I would purchase one from you

  26. it all depends on where you live or the structure of the house. it makes for easier plumbing and future access and repairs. however most homes in the US are built on the ground with concrete foundation( not small cabins)

  27. Thanks for your response. In the US, a wall with indoor plumbing being run in it for bathrooms should have 2×6 framing so there's room for the pipes and also some wood left for nailing sheetrock to without puncturing the pipes. That's why I said 2×6.

  28. 2×6? Here in Chile a seismic country a 3 story house earthquake resistant was built with 2×3 and fully tested in labs and certified.

  29. Noticed that roof trusses not doubled at gable ends and you can put 4×4 extending thru gable exterior (equal length outside and inside) as support for gable roof end overhang under at least 3 interior roof trusses. Just a suggestion (built cabin. Lived and learned).

  30. Sure are.

  31. Lots of houses built on concrete slabs, but if the slab cracks because of sinkage, you may have cracked pipes. Then you need to jackhammer to fix. Lots more expensive. Raised is better, but make sure the foundation is chainwall (solid concrete strips) if it sinks, its more likely to sink evenly. Mom had raised no chainwall. Get seasick walking across the room.

  32. Don't forget termites. Use termite shield over all piers and bend towards the ground but not completely.

  33. Suggest double floor joists under interior walls. I have single joists, and my interior walls do not have enough support with single joists unless they're centered over the joist. So not worth the measuring. double makes for stronger anyway. Also walls with plumbing in them should be 2×6 better than 2×4.

  34. this design dosnt show the pluming work witch would have alot of problems if he placed things this way

  35. because houses near air under them and to be well ventilated inside and out and under or else it would rot. Plus- the ground is cold in many places and this traps warm air and helps keep the subflooring from rotting

  36. What size is the door?

  37. What do you charge for small designs of this size, can you supply plans to build with SIPS on trailers ?

  38. I find it frustrating to use Sketchup. Is there a good source of tutorials to get as proficient as you with Sketchup?

  39. What size timber is shown at frame 2:40? It looks like a 4×10?

  40. i have been thinking of making my own plains for something like a small house BUT i am thinking of finding a away to have a way to "pull out rooms" so i get more space. i am slightly needing a larger home, but something i can compat at anytime would work for me . im trying to find a plain ro max out the workabul area over all and something around 300-350ft if i can… lol. i like something with more of a blater based system so i dont have a small toilet..

  41. Awesome, Aren't we White people so creative and inventive?

  42. Can you do one of these in the Gambrel style? and would itbe possible to have a 1/2 basement??

  43. Trimble sketchup is an awesome program, and its free!! Look at solar cabin's channel on YT for other cabin designs and lots of information on sustainable living. Solar energy how to's


  45. Disturbed Pidgeon

    Its just a estimate and considering from the amount of Dislikes on my comment i suppose i was Pretty innacurate 😛

  46. That's pretty cheap. 0-0

  47. Disturbed Pidgeon

    Im going to Estimate for the house alone around £600 for the basic house then for all the Cookers and closets and others around £100 to £200 depending on what you get along on the make qaulity and quantity. so around £700 at the most i would say.

  48. Great design. Could it be built on a rolling flatbed frame?