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10 Clever Home Hacks | Interior Design

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How to make your home look more expensive! Many of you follow my channel for the amazing home reveals of my client projects. Today, I’m going to share with you 10 things I did in my own home to look more expensive than they really are. Reality strikes when we buy our first home and have little cash left over for improvements. Sound familiar? Well it should. Most people fall into that category but watch as I explain how I overcame obstacles and faced challenges without breaking the bank!
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Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson walks you through her home and details 10 clever changes she made to her home.
Follow along for the ride and see what its takes to create luxury homes.
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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Hello my friends. I just posted a video of a collaboration with another loved Youtuber, Kathryn from "Do it on a Dime". in 3 days we transformed a room in her home using my "High-end" design principals but on her BUDGET! Its pretty remarkable. Enjoy 🙂 RR https://youtu.be/EPMinIOkclk

  2. Luxery & stylish!😍

  3. Riveloper, LLC Mobile App & Web Development

    Very talented designer. I got some great ideas. One I just did was taking styrofoam blocks and wrapping them in a faux wood paper, then installed them on the ceiling,. 16 feet long each and about $20 or so to make. Everyone thinks they are real oak beams that would be thousands. Even the faux beams you can get are hundreds.

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  5. You're awesome! I just discovered your channel! Love it!❤❤

  6. Ceiling height / lighting/ location & windows ‼️‼️ you have great taste girl 🌷🌷stairs best yet 👍🏻👍🏻

  7. I love this video. Helped me rethink my overall strategy in my home. I am a subscriber now. Thank you for sharing.

  8. μοῖρα Lydløs

    Its an awful 80s style DALLAS look from an old lady. Why is she tell us advices???

  9. Dining room sideboards with legs cutoff. GENIUS

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  11. Chnadonnet Chantal

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  12. Love your work and great idea

  13. I love what you did to your home to trick it out! The mirrored closet was a surprise. At first I thought it was just one large mirror; how clever!

  14. Love It

  15. It is very clever to cut the back legs of the two Chester drawers vintage buffet. I love your style Rebecca. Thanks for sharing. I so love what you do.

  16. Wow what a difference between the before and after. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Just Fabulous!

  18. I am remodeling condo myself for cheaper cost, so getting some ideas! It’s really tiring I prefer to buy a place that is newly renovated.The storage is a big problem. I have more stuff than the spaces..

  19. Gorgeous home love your style

  20. Can you tell me where I can find your window treatments video?

  21. The idea of the dressers without back legs in the Dining room is pure genius. Also, I love the mirrored back wall that hides all the doors and drawers.
    My favorite is the 10ft mirror that makes the wall look like another room and the need for the desk/table to keep people from accidentally walking into it.

  22. Your house looks beautiful, but is not a child proof place. So much glass!


  24. Loved your design ideas! The staircase is spectacular! I had one designed in white, and now after 10 years it is no longer white — mostly looks dirty and yellowed. Your choice in black was perfect! I'm considering painting it now. I also loved your dining room cabinets. Wonderful idea to remove those back legs, and from viewing it on your channel, they look like they were designed to fit there, and indeed, they were! Terrific idea! I, too, am a Martha Stewart fan and designed a linen closet similar to yours. Mine goes down the length of what was a long closet in the upstairs guest room. I had my builders make a tall shelves on both sides, one is open to store shoes and handbags and the other is covered by doors on top and drawers beneath. In between is a book nook with a pendant light above and storage underneath for larger items like blankets or comforters. It works great most of the time. Wish I had used your monochromatic idea of the same color of linens! Marvelous, Darling! Love it! Your home is beautiful! Love your kitchen too. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to the next vid!

  25. cristina ferreira

    You're amazing

  26. All ideas are great. I love the mirror in entry and black iron staircase what a transformation. For those who dont have a reno budget the entry comes first. Painting adding molding lighting fixtures etc one thing at a time for budgets sake. I ofen find things at salvage yards, estate sales, flea markets always keep in mind what you need on a list to make things nicer. Like the mirror even fixtures on cabinets, stain glass windows from salvage yards is great to hang in front of a window instead of curtains etc My fieend uses shutters tony ones for a bathroom window with no curtains, You used yours perfect for balance in teh kitchen.Ppl often forget about balance. great ideas you shown us fabulous. You dont have to be rich when you have savvy of where to shop and watch how to videos.

  27. u are beautiful

  28. You are awesome! Love these ideas–thank you!

  29. Thank you so much for the video. It provided some great information and cleverly done on a budget.

  30. That video was dumb ideas.

  31. I love the idea with the big mirror in the hallway! It's amazing! Dark coffee window-piece in the kitchen looks funny 🙂

  32. My favorite was the two vintage dressers by the fireplace! Great idea!

  33. Talk to the Hand Reviews

    LOVE the enthusiasm and very interesting info. But I must admit that I cringed a little when you mentioned that you cut the legs off of those gorgeous vintage tables! Still, awesome stuff I will keep in mind when I do my next home re-vamp!

  34. You are a genius ! I love everything about it and have a limited budget with many of the same issues. You inspire me! Thank you!

  35. Daphne S Christiance

    You’re so fabulously creative and inspirational!

  36. Love the house ♥️

  37. Loved this! Thank you. I realise it's nearly 2 years old, but your channel is a great find 🙂 – Now I've just got to convert (and find suitable Australian stores) those US prices of furniture to our exorbitant Australian prices. HA! 😉

  38. I agree. You should have your own show on HGTV or DIY.

  39. This was awesome. I had imagined that you lived in a huge mansion that was designed with the best pieces top to bottom. But, you're just like us! You are doing things on a dime too – that makes me feel good. I have a couple questions and/or suggestions 🙂 First, in your kitchen, I see what you mean about being off-balance, but instead of the shutter, why don't you put up a couple open shelves in the dark mahagony? I feel that would balance it a little better. And my second questions is, why don't you have anything on your mantel? It looked lonely. Thank you again!!

  40. Thanks for telling me about the bell❤

  41. Yes I enjoyed very much!

  42. That Buffett idea genius!

  43. Chennai Super Queens

    Hi can u tell me whats on your kitchen backsplash ? Is it a metal art?

  44. You have a very nice home. I especially love your wrought-iron staircase.

  45. Doris Ballarddawjballard

    Very informitive

  46. Awe you rock lady, Wow your very clever, I have a tiny house compared to yours, but great ideas, Thanks soo much, first time watching

  47. Can I have your house

  48. I like what you did with your orangey wood cabinets. I have the same issue but mine have glass with a design in them/gold and etched. Are they hopeless? I thought about replacing the glass (its glued to the frame) or painting over it but just not sure. Have you ever seen a makeover of those type cabinets? Budget friendly is best.

  49. I love how clever your ideas are I love the mirrors to create more of an illusion of space