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10+ Best of Minimalist House Paint Colors Look Ahead

BEDESIGN – Until this year the concept of a house with a minimalist style apparently still much favored by various circles of Indonesian society. This is evident from the many people who build homes with this one style, both in rural and in urban areas. Minimalism itself is a home design concept that carries simplicity, simple but elegant and modern look.

When you plan to build a home without the help of a contractor, there are many things you should be prepared before building a house, such as choosing or locating the land to be built, drawing designs, preparing building materials, looking for artisans, house paint to be used, this also includes a very important thing.

Giving a coat of paint on the walls of the exterior or interior of the house is one important part in membagun a house. In addition to beautify the exterior appearance of the house, paint also serves as a home wall protector of weather factors such as heat and rain, also can minimize the occurrence of permeation that can cause dull stains on the inner wall.

From all parts of the exterior of the house such as the front wall, side and also rear, the front is usually preferred or in other words more attention in painting, especially about the selection of paint colors. This is because the front or front of the house is also called the face of a house, which will first be seen by anyone who comes to visit your home.

For the front of the house minimalist usually use more than one color of paint, like a blend of neutral colors and bright colors. The mix can be two colors, three colors even more.

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