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10+ Best of Minimalist Home Fence Models

BEDESIGN – In building a house, fence is one of the important components. In addition to functioning as a safety or barrier, the fence can also serve as a component that can beautify the exterior appearance of the house. Although today, especially many minimalist style homes that do not have a fence, but that does not mean the placement of the fence is now considered ancient.

If at first, the material for the fence is only limited to a wooden or bamboo fence, now many popping fences with varied raw materials. There is a fence made of iron, stone, cement, and even made of marble. In addition to different types of manufacturing materials, fence design models are also increasingly diverse. This happens because the development of home design is very rapid, so the design model is tailored to the design of the fence. For those of you who build houses and want to add a fence as a complementary component of your home

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